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swinging the extremes again :(
i love feist!!!! she's just soo!!!! feist!!
finally finished that FUCKING sculpture assignment...hehehehe, i made heaps of shiny pink cylinders that represent all sizes and proportions, and i made heaps of shiny blue cones that represent boys...again in all sizes and proportions...then i took one cone and coloured it in red....spread all the fuckers out on the floor and makes it look cool...and the red cone in the middle...and tada! you got a boy that's different being swallowed by the crowed of "normals"...guess what the metaphor is?! that's a rhetorical yes.
Then i did a drawing..a bit fucker...of a woman with heaps of pearl necklaces....turned out nice i think. Aaaand i got my clay head i've got to buy like 7kg (that's about 15 pounds i think) of plaster to make a huge fucking mold to cast from...then i got to buy either concrete..or more make the cast :P
gotta buy film and shoot, develope and print two photography assignments...
and then i've got to draw a self-portrait
then i have to find me a video camera and shoot a 3 minute video abotu something to do with "urbania"....then i have to convert it to digital....edit it on final cut, along with my other...already shot video....and present it all.
aah uni life....luckily in between that i'm fucking like a rabbit.
can't say life aint exciting!?
omg i need new clothes...nothing fits me's all tooo bbbiiiggggg..and it's getting hot...time to get all short and skanky.
which means bye bye cowboy boots ::(