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new boy on the scene...been talking to this one for about a week...we seem to have good communication which is nice. he's 30 (which is a good age for me)...his name is Uri, he lives in Tel Aviv, right next to my uni actually, him and I are meeting on Thursday for beer. what i like about him is that he's really different....he's got a beautiful kind face but like a slightly full body (i said SLIGHTLY) and he dresses really alternatively nicely....and the thing i love the most is how unlikely he is. first....he plays the synthisizer! and piano hehe. and he works in one of those labs where you go to sleep and they watch you, keep check of u'r pulse...breathing e.t.c...isn't that fuckign strange!? heheeh, and it gets weirder...i asked him what his origins are coz 9 out of ten guys i get attracted to are from morocco and he was looking kind of from that area but something wasn't quite in place...and you'll never gues where he's from....he's a full blood eskimo...both his parents are fucking eskimo's...and JEWS...WHAT THE FUCK!?
aaanywho he's yay me.
now i just have to try and keep him...i know it seems like i have a new one every week...and in fact i do....but least i'm trying. i need an older man just makes sense.


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kool. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Welcome to my world, where everyone I've ever known always ends up leaving me alone. Another lesson burned, as I'm drowning in the ashes. Kicking. Screaming. So welcome to my world." -Sick Puppies