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FUCKING OHAD! or as pat calls him....Nonads.
I was just getting comfortable being single and on the prowl again, i had successfully managed to make myself get him out of my head, just barely, when he forced himself back in there. we hadn't spoken for a while, i was rather taking it as a mutual agreement to quit while we're ahead. anyway he comes over ten pm!!!! OMG THAT'S THE EARLIEST I'VE EVER SEEN HIM! We have a problem, Ohad and I, we can't keep out fucking hands off we don't bother...and we didn't, he's taken to telling me i'm beautiful, i told him "you're ok too". he was shocked! lol, i told him i'd been with a few beautiful boys...he was getting i set his mind at rest and told him he's by far the most beautiful, which, i'm not sure he'd believe me, but it's true. every few minutes i give his pants a suprise inspection to make sure little Ohad is still awake....he always is! it fucking should be. anyways after that we got stoned together...which made me mostly very giggly, and made him hungry, and made both of us horney, so in between teasing him and laughing at my own jokes we fooled around and made a show of geting dressed, then went outside. He was just loving having me he's initiated me into his club. Anyways, we went and got dinner, he got something mexican and i got something thai (which pretty much sums up our relationship), and then we went to his house to get his car, had that same problem in the elevator where we can't keep our hands off eachother, but he only lives on the third floor which was lucky or public nudity would have been's more of a problem when he comes over to my house on the 6th floow and one fucking slow elevator :D. anyways, ater that we drive and he gets more pot and to put in an appearance for a friend of his, i waited in the car, he sent me a funny text in which he calls me "baby" which i found fucking hilarious. we talked a little...i told him my sad little tale of why i ran away from Australia, it's only fair coz he told me his deep dark secret on our first date. anyways, we get back to my place and park, then make out in the car for a while while listening to his really very good taste in music. then we go in and have that recurring problem in the elevator again...his pants were mostly off by the time we got up there, lucky he's so confident. i open the door and he just struts into my room...right at home...some people would find it rude but i like how comfortable he feels with me. he really does feel very comfortable with me...enough to fart around me that rotten little bastard! i'm still quite uptight around him, i hope he doesn't know that. he lays on my bed while i shut the door and get some water for us. anyway i go in and he's looking like a beached whale (but what a sexy whale) on my bed then he says the one thing i never fucking expected...."adam lets get married" i was like "ok"...and he repeated it a few times, as well as things like "lets run away together"...i told him i'll take him to Australia, he was clever and realized what that meant, and said "but i thought you said you're never going back there" so i told him, "if you come with me i will" hehehe, melted him. he said we can get married in canada and we can spend the rest of our lives hugging like he likes...i promply reminded of him how good our sex is by kissing him. anyways, after some fooling around, undressing, more fooling around, joking around, talking, cuddling, fighting over pillows and blanket, awkward positioning and more kissing, we fell asleep all cute like and naked and with our legs intertwined and hugging, he fell first coz i spent a long time stroking his hair (he had just cut it realllly short) and kissing his neck. mmmmm, it was so sweet. then after a while it was time to wake back up before my grands wake up and catch us, so we got dressed, he was groggy and not too talkative...but the power of the elevator kicked in on our way out and we made out some more. i then had a mission...

i had less than an hour to tidy the room, air the pot smell out of it, throw away anything that was soaked in sexjuice and condoms, and get ready for school, i was to leave before 6 30...anyway 6 20, and i'm ready, then i notice my identification card is missing....which is a massive problem on account of all my money and bank cards are in there...and it's not recommended to walk around israel without papers....
i look fucking everywhere like a crazy fuck with no cock and can't find it, then realize Ohad the douchebag must have taken it by mistake, so i text him, and he rings that he does have it and sums it up with "my bad"....little i missed the whole day of uni, and i'm getting it back from him later this afternoon, which will officially be the first time i see him during the daylight hours...i'm uber excited! :P i got all dressed up just for that occasion! no not really

anyways, so it's quite amazing, in summation, how Ohad has turned around his beviour towards me....and i hope it stays that way. until i know more though, i'm going with the attitude of...i'm free, i'm not in a rush, if i don't see or talk to him for a while...not the end of the world....and if it don't work..fuck it...i tried. only problem now is that after last night the standards are high and it's becomming harder not to love him. also, we still to majorly improve our communication...talking with him doesn't always flow that well...and it doesn't help that i'm half deaf, and that he talks fast, in hebrew, with a lot of slang i don't know, and quietly.
fuck i'm falling three hours of sleep tonight, and two the night before that..ffaaarrrkk!
bye lovers!
p.s i haven't had sex with anybody but ohad since we started...yay for being all monogamous and shit!!!!
if he lets me down now i'll personally castrate him....with a spoon


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i just read the whole

i just read the whole thing...

*passes out*

anyway, awwwwww! cute! i hope for your sake...and his manhood that you two stay together! you sound so cute!

so for those of you falling in love
keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right
throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata

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The spoon has to be RUSTY,

The spoon has to be RUSTY, Adam... Otherwise it doesn't work.

Monogamy and Adam in the same sentence... *Fire and brimstone falling from sky*

Nah, it's all in good taste, Adam my love.

Good for you, Adam! Nonads and you sound positively delicious! I just wanna eat you up... Call me Hannibal.


Your love is poison,
and I wanna drink it all

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heheheh thanks guys!!! hannibal u've been very cute lately! xox

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aww that's so adorable

aww that's so adorable