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So I finally rent the movie Milk. And guess what my dumbass does? I effin locked my damn keys in my car with the movie in it!!! UGh! Stupid! I had just gotten back from the movie place and I was over at my brothers cuz I had to watch my nephew. We can't find a spare key or anything. My car is weird and has 2 different keys for the ignition and door and we found a spare for the ignition not the door! But don't worry, I got to see Milk. :D
We called someone who unlocked it for $50. Ya I'm going tomorrow to make copies of my car keys...
But Milk is sooooooo amazing! If you haven't seen it you NEED too! It's so inspiring. I loved it. I cried my eyes out. The community has come so far, but we have a long way to go yet sadly.
Ooohh and I went to return the movie today and I bought a poster of
P!nk and Seether. I love P!nk, not as much as Amy Lee but she's a close second. And the lead singer of Seether is a dumbass for effing up his relationship with Amy Lee, but they make good music.


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MILK! :) I found a website

MILK! :)
I found a website that has the whole movie on it for free because I live in the middle nowhere and video stores are dumb over here. but I haven't gotten to watch all of it without interruptions. I'll definintely try to soon!
zzzP!nk is sexy. :)

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I love that movie

I didn't know it was out on DVD yet. Im going to rent it! sorry about your keys it sucks when that happens.