My Diagnosis

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I have been diagnosed finally...anxiety, severe depressive disorder, and some PTSD symptoms. I have been put on meds (for a bit now), that I don't know much about.

Anyone have any good suggestions to a novice like me about depression/anxiety/ptsd? especially helpful would be ways to counteract....

scary shit happened to me last night, i thought i would never sleep


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I'm so glad you are getting help *hugs* I'm sorry I don't have much advice, but if the meds are causing weird stuff you should defintely tell someone.

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Rain is Right

Medications often require adjustment before your doctor can find the right combination and dosage for you. This is especially true of teens, so be sure to clue your doctor in on any and all side-effects you're feeling. If the medicine you're on isn't the right one for you, there are a wide range of options, so don't get discouraged if you have to try a few different ones before you get it all squared away. It's a process that often requires some patience, but it's well worth it once you find the med or meds that work for you. It took four weeks for the new dosage of my anti-depressant to fully kick in, but I now feel like a whole new person (well, not a whole new person; there's a lot of stuff about me I decided to keep).

Remember that we love you, even if we do have to kick your butt now and then. :)



- Pat Nelson Childs
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I'm going for therapy today

I'm going for therapy today again. I'm up to 3-4 days a week for that now.
And I'm going back to the hospital again soon...psych ward...I'm scared.

The medicine, well, it makes me so tired. I fell asleep at lunch today and in English dosage was just increased recently.

IS it true that for people 18 and under such as myself that antidepressants can make you more suceptible to suicidee? how does one prevent that?

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Sounds like a question for your doctor, no?

This issue was addressed a few years ago by the FDA, but hard to find what the conclusion was exactly on Google.

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I asked her today,

I asked her today, actually.
I might be going into a program. Should I be scared?

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Of course you'll be

Of course you'll be nervouse, but you don't need to be scared. It's much better to go in on your own this way, under the care of your doctor. You'll be in a safe place where people are there to help you get well. Just take advantage of what they offer you, try to make friends, and work on the things you need to work on to make yourself better.

I was nervouse and quiet for the first two days, but then I met the other people there and it got to be quite a friendly group. Like anything else in life, it's all what you make of it.

{insert "When life gives you lemons" cliche here}

Good luck sweetie. Let us know if and when you're going in. If it's an inpatient program, then we'll be here when you return. Don't worry.



- Pat Nelson Childs
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When I say a program, I mean

When I say a program, I mean either outpatient or partial inpatient. Anyone know what either is like?

Also...I think I may be hospitalized next month because I told my therapist the day that could most likely be the last day I'm alive.

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Outpatient is just like

Outpatient is just like doctor visits. I don't really know what a "partial inpatient" would be. I assume you'd spend a few days there, then continue the program on an outpatient basis? My best guess.


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Partial inpatient is going

Partial inpatient is going to the psych ward ~9-3 every day to talk to people for therapy and schooling I'm pretty sure.
Do I tell the therapist that even though I'm still alive I really want to go to the hospital? Or will that come out the wrong way?

Is it true to say that it's better to go in on my own terms now to get better instead of waiting until it gets worse?

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The thing is, I don't know

The thing is, I don't know about asking for the hospital. I'm in a whole lot of pain and sometimes I think or I say I'm about to really do it, but I'm not sure I would. Can I still go to the hospital?

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i am pretty sure

that if you are feeling like you need to be a total inpatient at the hospital, they wouldn't reject you. look into it. find the pros and cons. if the pros outweigh the cons, ask to be admitted. if you decide you are actually more comfortable as an outpatient, do that.
but i would say that if you WANT to be admitted, please do. it means that you will do whatever is necessary to get the most help and support and that you do want to feel better/be happy. it's an amazing step to come to terms with. you are actually very very brave for considering it.

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thank you. i dont know how

thank you.
i dont know how to research it.
i really need to go right now. into the ER. or something. and quick.