My fantasy......

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I'm at the convenience store just buying some milk. So, I'm at the fridge and grabbing a bag of milk when I notice this girl staring at me. I'm thinking that she thinks I'm cute or something. So, I just continue.

Then I'm standing there in line when this SAME girl comes up to me and says "hey, do you have change for a five?". I do so give her the change in exchange for her five. So, she walks out of the store and I walk up to pay for my milk.

Then I'm walking home and it's dark and quiet. Then I hear some footsteps behind me. I look behind me and I see some dark figure walking behind. I'm scared so I start walking faster. Then I turn a corner when the dark figure yells out "hey" and I notice it;'s the girl from the store. We talk and walk. But...Secretly I'm thinking she's a STALKER!

Then we're walking across this field when she stops and says "I want you" and I just stand there not knowing what to say. Then she says "I want to Fuck you SO HARD you'll never forget it" She starts to take off my clothes and we move to the ground. She's a patient and giving lover and she FUCKS me so hard and SO GOOD I never do forget it.

End of fantasy.