My Ultimate Fantasy with Him

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well, pretty much we're walking along this dirt path, deep in the forest.

it's beatuiful. birds are singing, a soft breeze is blowing, and it's just cool enough to be comfortable.

the path turns, and suddenly we're out of the forest, and in a high mountain meddow, with tall green grass and beautiful wild flowers.

we keep walking forward, not speaking, until we come upon a bubbling brooke, all clear water and laughing rocks.

we stop, and kneel to drink.

i look over at his round face, enthralled.

he looks up at me...

...and the next think i know, he's on his back and i'm straddling him

watching the look on his face as i hold his head under the water.

he struggles, weakens, and collapses.



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wow BD...

...ur one screwedup girl. haha.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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haha, thats all i have to

thats all i have to say.
you understand BD

It is thyself, mine own self's better part;
Mine eye's clear eye, my dear heart's dearer heart;
My food, my fortune, and my sweet hope's aim,
My sole earth's heaven, and my heaven's claim.
-William Shakespeare, The Comedy Of Errors

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Watch out boys, Bulldyke is

Watch out boys, Bulldyke is out there breaking all the men's hearts (and then luring them to the creek to dispose their bodies)

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*My frightening, sickening

*My frightening, sickening laugh* (No seriously, people get really creeped out by that one. I like it)

That is WONDERFUL. I reserve the right toa short story based on you, BD.