My Very Own Miracle *warning, sap level in this journal will be astronomical*

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oh. my. GOD!!!!!

i'm SO happy right now!!! you have NO idea!!!!

i said it!!! i said it, and i meant it, and i mean it, and i'm SO in love with her!!!

i can't stop grinning!!

i want to kiss her so bad right now. actually, i want SO much more than a kiss, but a kiss would do. one fleeting moment of contact....i'm so in love with her.

my heart sings for her.

she's my own personal miracle.

"and i can feel your heart/beating true across this distance"

july CANNOT come fast enough.

i want to be with her. i want to bring her flowers, and take her on dates. i want to read with her, and play with her hair. i want to listen to music with her, and watch the sunset with her. i want to hold her hand, and go to the beach with her. i want to go to parties with her, and have everyone know that i'm the luckiest girl in the world, cause she's there with ME.

ME!!! can you believe it?? i can't, sometimes. it's real, though. being wtih her is going to be real.

but ME!!! she's so perfect. maybe not, but she's perfect for me.

i need to go e-mail the uni, and study for the GED some. i can't just sit here and think of her...i'll go crazy with the wanting.

jmy, i love you. :D and i don't even seem to care if i drive everyone on here crazy by saying that, and talking about you all the time.



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I think it's kinda cute

I think it's kinda cute actually.

- - -
Pronouns make it hard to keep our sexual orientation a secret when our co-workers ask about your weekend.
- I had a GREAT time with...them.
Yay, now they don't think you're queer, just a slut!

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i adore this. i love it. absolutely amazing. i wish you could see each other though... damn ocean... i wish i could build you guys a bridge... a rainbow one =0) to each other.