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I haven't posted on here in forever because I haven't needed to. I remember someone posting a while back on how this site is mainly useful to those who are questioning/insecure/need someone to hear them when no one else will. Well, I'm secure in who i am, I have supportive friends, family, and a lovely girlfriend, so I'm set. This site has been ever so helpful to me and I owe a lot of who I am to the people on this site who helped me feel more comfortable about myself.

I mentioned this site (not any names, just as a website) in a non-fiction story I had to write for creative writing. It was eight pages about my road to self discovery. I thought it was a little thin at places and certainly wasn't as decent as the one page piece I wrote in highschool that got me second place in a contest, but it satisfied the project, told a story, blah blah.

When it came to sharing this story I was hesitant because the fellow I shared it with didnt' really know i was gay. (unless he guessed, it's not that un-noticable). He thought it was great, whatever, you know, it told a story blah blah.

So today we had to turn our final draft in, but before we did we had to hand it to someone across the room, someone we don't normally talk to/sit by, whatever. So I wandered over, and there's a kid from my speech class that I had talked to once or twice, so we traded. And again I was like "oh crap, now he's going to know something really personal about me" and I started regretting I wrote this piece.

But when handing them back he said "it was something I needed to hear." And that was it. I sat back down and was like "oh... he's gay? is he out? Questioning? Ah, I have to talk to this kid."

After class, I walked slow, hoping he'd walk past and I'd grab his attention. Instead, he caught up with me and told me it was a well written piece. I said "and you said it was something you needed to hear...?" and he said "well, yeah, it's just... you know how it is..." and so we eventually got to the topic that he was denying himself the honesty of knowing who he truly was, and that I was the second person he'd ever mentioned it to.

So I got out a piece of paper, wrote down this website and my email, and told him everyone needs a friend in this sort of situation, because he doesn't have any friends to tell, nor any family he really feels comfortable with.

Hopefully he'll make an account, and hopefully he'll see this post and be in touch, because I'd love to help him figure out whatever he needs to figure out, and it sucks to be alone through that sort of thing, because it's so personal and so much a part of us it's hard to repress it.


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I always hated having peers read personal stories, but here it really made a difference...
It makes me wish I had read something like that a while ago.