Oh, Canada.

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I went to Windsor this weekend and had a grand old time at the Casino and the bars.

My friends and I went up on Friday, hit the penny slots and bar hopped all over the area. My favorite club was a place called the Boom Boom Room, which has a very electro-punk-gothic vibe to it. I bought a cosmo and sex on the beach there and hung out in a secluded corner adorned with fuzzy couches and thick curtains.

Something I learned is that it takes a lot to get me drunk. I'm not a heavy drinker either. Before this weekend the last time I got drunk was about three months or so ago. By the end of the night I had six beers, three hurricanes, two sex on the beaches, something my friend gave me that came in a tiki cup, at least 15 Quaffers (fancy shots) of pear vodka and a glass of wine.

At the end of the night I was decently wasted, but I had to top my night off with a few extra shots to get the job done. My mentality was, "The world isn't upside down yet, MORE SHOTS!"

Unfortunately my boyfriend David couldn't come because he had an interview in Sandusky for some sort of area manager position. I felt like something of an extra wheel. There were six of us overall. Two couples, me and a girl who dances like she's swatting bees away from her face. It's funny, but she tends to just jump into the middle of the group and sort of dance with everyone. I prefer dancing with one person and that person is usually David. Without him there I just feel out of place.


It was a fun weekend over all. There are some videos of me rambling off about the difference between smoke detectors and fire detectors ("BUT... BUT... FIRE IS HOT!") and talking about why I'm gay ("Because the the the di-peni-coc-NoosleHosen is just just just fantastic"). I hope none of those videos end up on YouTube. Last thing I need is for my residents to see me drunk.

When I woke up after eleven hours of sleep I felt tipsy. Fckshtjebus! I don't have much of a hangover but I do feel rather shaky.

At the moment I am ready to abstain from drinking for at least a month.


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Hey next time you're in

Hey next time you're in windsor come check out our gay bar Rise. It's a little bit out of the downton area but not too much. And i HATE the boom boom room.
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I liked it. Granted, I was

I liked it. Granted, I was already hammered by the time I got there so my judgment may have been impaired.