Oh Lordy, as though the world weren't fucked up enough...

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Okay, so if the world weren't fucked up enough a group called the Passion for Christ Movement has released a new line of t-shirts that proclaim how much of a sinner you are. Or were.

These fun anti-sin t-shirts come in seven delicious flavors. There's EX-Masturbator, EX-Fornicator, EX-Diva, EX-Slave (slave to your desires, that is), EX-Atheist, EX-Hypocrite and (you guessed it) EX-Homosexual. Huzzahs are in order for the new Scarlet Letter of 2009.

Let's see now. The EX-Masturbator became a Fornicator. The EX-Fornicator became a chronic masturbator. The EX-Diva became a stripper. The EX-Slave became a serial killer. The EX-Atheist converted to Islam. The EX-Hypocrite came out of the closet. The EX-Homosexual went back in the closet and became a hypocrite....? Damn, they need to come out with more flavors. Can I wear them all at the same time?

At least the t-shirts are soft and 100% cotton for the active Leviticus reader.

If your interest has been piqued, check it. http://p4cm.com/p4cm/store/launch

Watch the video, it's the best thing ever. NOT MASTURBATING IS COOL!!!

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wow thanks I honestly got

wow thanks I honestly got quite a laugh out of that

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Do they have "Ex-Creed Fan"?

Just kidding, all you Creed fans.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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There probably should be. We

There probably should be. We all know how satanic Creed is.

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haha why would you wear one

haha why would you wear one of them, seriouslty.

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Mine eye's clear eye, my dear heart's dearer heart;
My food, my fortune, and my sweet hope's aim,
My sole earth's heaven, and my heaven's claim.
-William Shakespeare, The Comedy Of Errors

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My own

My own line:



Your love is poison,
and I wanna drink it all

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XD I just find the whole


I just find the whole concept hilarious.

This is one of those things I just can't manage to take seriously for the life of me.

Do they make custom ones?

*falls on floor laughing*

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I think so. On the website

I think so. On the website there was one that said "EX-Pimp" that I only saw on one person. A few others were like that.

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hahahahahahhahahahahaha Ex-Ex-Homosexual for me

wow this really made my day XD

Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to.

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I want one! Do they come in

I want one! Do they come in different colors? Lol.

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how about an

how about an ex-ex-homosexual for me??

or, ex-heterosexual :P

haha, it reminds me of thist t-shirt i got made a few years ago, from a quote from the SF chron of all places...

"I am Heterosexually Disinclined" :P kinda off topic, but hella funny!!

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I used to actually LIKE some of the spoken-word poetry they did

I actually used to LIKE some of the spoken word poetry they did (because that's what P4CM also does, spoken-word poetry performances based on Christianity) However, I refuse to listen to any of it now because I recently too found out about their "ex-homosexual" shirts. I saw a bit of a testimony on their Youtube page from some woman who has dubbed herself "the Ex-Homosexual" and she even has her own myspace page using that moniker. It really makes me sick. I wish I could just laugh at ignorance like that, but I'm not at that place in life yet where I CAN do that...it's A WEIRD WORLD OUT DERE PEEPZ DATS FOR SHO'!

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Do they perform slam poetry?

Do they perform slam poetry?

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I think so...

I'm not too familar with that term, underdarkness, but I recently have come aquainted with it and I do believe they perform slam poetry, yes. Look up Passion 4 Christ Movement on youtube, they have some stuff on there (just ignore the "ex homosexual" bullshit, though. I'm SURE there's lots.)

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Slam is wonderful. Those

Slam is wonderful. Those shirts, however, make me cringe. I think it's kind of hilarious, actually. I sort of want one to wear to school...

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I tried watching that video, and I think my head exploded halfway through...
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If we ever get a store on here, we could make "Ex-Heterosexual" ones.

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Good idea, jeff :-P

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Definitely. A shirt that

Definitely. A shirt that just says "Homosexual" would be funny too.