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So I go into the cafe to buy some V.
And at one of the tables I saw a guy.
I noticed several things:
1: He was pretty.
2:He had IMMACULATE hair and clothes
3: His right ear was pierced
4: He glanced at me in that "I want to look at you proper, but I'm too cautious so I'll just glance at you instead"
What do I do? WHAT!?
I KNOW he's gay.
My brain SCREEAMS it.
Advices please?
I'm going freakin' insane!
Is he, is he not?
Am I still all alone here, or is there someone else like me!?
Do I ask him?
TOo many questions, can't concentrate!!! >.<


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Go fer it. Seriously what's

Go fer it. Seriously what's gonna happen? A rejection? Like that matters that much in life. There's six and a half billion humans on this rock that's floating around a mass of hydrogen that's overcoming the strong nuclear force that's in turn floating around in a galaxy we call the milky way, which in turn is floating around the point of origin of everything material.

Like a rejection could really change that much. So just go fer it!

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I agree with Nanook. If he's

I agree with Nanook. If he's not, then you he's not. But if he is, then maybe you have just found yourself a boyfriend. You never know until you try. :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It hurts when you have someone in your heart but you can't have them in your arms.

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I agree with Nooky :D Not so

I agree with Nooky :D Not so much about book though...tee hee just kiddin ya Kelz ;) Come on Falckie! Give it a try!
-Life....So complicated ya know?