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I want a phone so badly. But my parents wont let me. Its free with a new plan and well since this is my first phone of course im gettin a new plan. So the actual phone is free. The plan depends could be $10- $100 a month. Most likely...20 i think. or Maybe 15. Whatever.
Anyways. My parents owe me around.....$200 dollars or about that. AND I have about...60 bucks in my wallet. SO they wont pay a single thing! THe phone i want is the LG enV2 by the way. So they dont pay a thing. Im going to Spain for 10 days next year. Then its highschool. Plus they wont let me call my boyfriend on the house phone without a big deal. Plus we only have the house phone for me. So if i get a cell we could toss the house phone, i could call my boyfriend, text ALL my friends (all my friends have cells. I dont see my friends cuz most are older and in highschool), and be happy! BUT NOOOOOOOO my parents are like no. Im like why. They say because. Then the sibject drops. So today i got my mom to THINK about it. So yeah im not sure how to convince them.....


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Virgin Mobile...

Phones are like $30 or less, and it's pay as you go. That's what I use, although I hate cell phones, hehe

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I know tat jeffy :) O_O U

I know tat jeffy :)
O_O U hate cells.....Well bleh u!

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Maybe if they never ever let

Maybe if they never ever let you get a phone, you could get a Track phone or something. (you buy them at wal-mart and buy a card with minutes on it) It sucks not having a cell phone. Get unlimited texting when you do get one though for sure.
You could always try and guilt trip them and be like "But what if I'm walking home one stormy dark night and someone kidnaps me and I can't even call 911. And it'll be all your fault because you didn't buy me a phone!" heh thats a little drastic, lol sorry.
Good luck convincing them!