Planning A PAR-TEE!!!

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lol well, not much of one.

i'm gonna be 18 in less than a month!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!


so, pretty much, it's just gonna be a bunch of people (most of em adults, lol), and i want us all to play games all night, and have cake, and do presents (my fave part!! lol) and sing me my song, lol.

and just be surrounded by the people who make up my family, ya know? i wish my aunts could come. i mean, i'll ask them, but..i doubt it. oh well. i'll see them the weekend before, in San Fran, and that'll be my celebration with them.

:D i'm getting excited!!! i wish there was some way i could have a party with all of you guys!! lol BYOPT!!! bring your own plane ticket, lol

okay, that was really pathetic! haha

i think i'll do it on the 27th or 28th...the weekend after my bday. :D i'm so FUCKING EXCITED!!!!! nervous, kinda, but not really.

heehee, i'm gonna go design an invite. :D



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u'r only 17!!!!! omg i feel so violated!!!

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LOLOL you've never looked

LOLOL you've never looked at my profile page?

lol i put my bday up cause everyone thought i was older. :D obviously, you did too!

teehee i violated adam. teehee :D

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you did! and now i think i might be pregnant....and i will call it JUDAS!

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I'm only 16...

I'm only 16...

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u'r point is?

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you should just have your

you should just have your party here in australia :-) haha. Your going to be old! Woot. And your getting the best present off me. Even though you've already seen it. Haha
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