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i got black eyeliner and blue eye shadow, blue temples and blue hairline...blue skinny jeans with black cowboy boots, red leather belt, suspenders, tight black singlet and blue cardigan with orange yellow and red pattern. sounds disgusting, but i look fucking fierce! woho dress up parties!!!!
rounded the troops, the good people from uni, the rest are fuckheads/potheads/cunts so i don't bother revving them up. got one friend doing as a drag queen, she's wearing a very expensive corsett and a blonde curly wig...she'll look like shit she has no taste...even though the corsett is rad i've worn it before. then i got one friend dressing up as a boxer...i think she'll look ok but eh? and three that are winging it. woot woot im so fucking revved!


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Ooh, a dress up party? I

Ooh, a dress up party?

I think I'll wear a black dress w/ lace like bats... I'll borrow Tiffany's.

If only I could really go... T_T


Your love is poison,
and I wanna drink it all

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chag sameach duuuuude. =D Be

chag sameach duuuuude. =D

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?