Questioning Friend

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So I have this friend, who I will call Yellow just because, and well she used to make fun of me all the time for being a dyke. It was more like playing around fun and not really mean. But turns out she's questioning! Huh, who woulda thought that the person who kinda made fun of me would actually think they might be gay/atleast bi? Hmm.
I'm trying to be there for her and she keeps trying to get me to tell her what to do. (she has a boyfriend right now and they've been on and off) And I'm just like I can't tell you how you feel. And I go on and on about how its ok to be gay and even bi. I'm just there to listen to her right now. And I think thats all she really needs right now because sometimes it just helps to get stuff out of your head.
She told me because she can't trust anyone else with it and no one else would understand. I think she's atleast curious, if not bi. But I'm not going to tell her I think that because well, I'm not sure if that would be the right thing to do.
Of course I'm leaving a bunch out of this because its way more complicated than I making it sound.

I remember a few people on here saying how once they came out at school and stuff that people would go to them for help because they thought they were gay. And well I guess I just never thought that would happen to me. I mean I'm glad that people can trust me with that and stuff and hopefully I can help them out cuz I've been there before ya know?

My cellphone is like not letting me text. I'm upset cuz I was about to send a very important message and then it doesn't work and I called the person and they're not answering because i think they're mad at me. I'm waiting for them to call back and I'm so impatient when it comes to that stuff. :/

In other news my school has a Blood Drive tomorrow and I'm donating. I'm nervous cuz I've never even had blood drawn from me. I've only had shots. I drank I lot of water today though so hopefully I don't passout or throwup tomorrow. That would suck, but it would get me out of class :D


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That's good you're there for

That's good you're there for your friend..
good luck at the blood drive! yes.yes. lots of water. and possibly someone there talking to you about random things helps too while you're giving blood.
ohh. and I hope your phone works soon! not working phone's suck. :/ yeah, hope it works. :D