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Hi all!

BD said I needed to post more pics of Raja, so here they are:

I don't have very many because of various hard drive crashes over the years. These are the best of the ones I have.

Raja and I have been best friends for 12 years now. I adopted him from the Humane Society in Ft. Lauderdale when he was 2. We've been all over together - Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan...he even came with me when I moved to Prague. In fact, he had his own blog while we were there. I may try and convince him to start blogging again. He always enjoyed that, as did his loyal readers.

Anyway, just wanted to share my buddy with you all. If you don't have a pet of your own, feel free to adopt Raj. He can be the official "pet to the petless" here on O.



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Pretty kitty. He looks like my sister's cat Tiger. Hehe. Anyways, that's awesome that you adopted him and gave him a great home. I want to do some adopting of my own when I get older and have my own place.

My family has had one cat since before I was even born. She'll turn 22 this year.

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I'm sincerely hoping that Raja decides to stick around that long. He still runs around the apartment like a kitten sometimes, even with the arthritis in his shoulder.


- Pat Nelson Childs
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hmmm.....do you do

hmmm.....do you do everything i tell you to? :P

:D :D :D cat pics always make me happy, and since raja is yours (or are you his? :P) he makes me even happier!!!

thank you pat!

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NO! and if I did, I


and if I did, I wouldn't tell you.


- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Cute! AND RED! All my cats

Cute! AND RED! All my cats are red (I have 8 or 9 that live outside in the barn), with the exception of Binx, who is black.

He's very pretty. =D

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he's absolutely adorable. i've always wanted a cat, but everyone in my family is horribly allergic. :(

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i feel outside now, cuz i

i feel outside now, cuz i like dogs. i ish not a cat person, but he is a nice looking thing i don't like. if it is any consolation.

don't like cats cuz i have had cat-scratch fever. *shudders*

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is a cat

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What is he trying to do in

What is he trying to do in that middle picture? Seduce me?

Not gonna lie, it's working.


Cute kittie =p

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KITTY!!!!!!!! He's adorable!!!!!!!! awh!!!!!!! i wanna kitty!!!!!!!
i'm glad you have him... he looks so sweet... awh... kitty... he reminds me of my old cat Bleize... except Bleize loved me until i accidentally stepped on his tail... whoops.
but HE'S SO CUTE!!!! KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...can ya tell i like cats? well... all animals... but KITTY!!!!!

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I used to have a cat, My mom

I used to have a cat, My mom gave it to someone else because she didn't want it anymore ):
Btw, I love your cat haha, I love all the cats :D!