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I was having bad morning, but one thing turned my entire day around. I recently changed my name from Brandy to Isaiah (just info that is needed). I went to go take a standardized test thinking I had failed it the year before. I get there and the teacher says "hey Brandy". I just corrected him about the name. He was very confused, but he tried to find me on his attendance list. This is the part that makes my day...he asked me "are you Brandy's brother?" He said my last name and everything, he had no idea at all that I was the same person from his class last year and I fully passed as male to someone who has known me for a time.

That one thing made my day and made me not turn into an uber jerk. I then spazzed out over an energy lollipop and some monster. To top it off I get to order the books I want for my birthday today or tomorrow, whenever mom lets me have the credit card number. Orpahm's Quest is soon mine MUHAHAHAHAHA


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Haha hey!! Brandy is my

Haha hey!! Brandy is my name!!