Random story time!

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So, yeah, I had a bunch of friends over this weekend to work on a project for English, and it was actually really eventful (even if we didn't get a lot of filming done ^^;;;)

Well first of all, me, and my friend, Ladybug (as I call her) have had this whole fake relationship thing going on since Valentine's Day, and since she's my tutor who makes me do my homework, she's over a lot. Well, we're always talking all cutsie, and lovey-dovey to each other (even though she's sooo totally straight) and it makes my parents almost physically sick, even though, they know we're joking, because we'll go from lover mode to talking about some guy that she likes.
So when they were over, we were doing this again then, as we're working, she was joking around with one of my other friends, and pretending to make out. Well being the drama queen as I am, I start shouting at her, and asking her why she was cheating on me. (All of this was acting, mind you) She couldn't come up with an answer, so my other friend, Cleo (again, not a real name) walk over to me, and says that she's there for me, and pretty much replaces Ladybug in our wonderful fake relationship.
So we head back to the house (we were filming outside) and me and Ladybug are having this huge fight about how she never cared about me, and how Cleo understands me, and was always there for me when she wasn't, and this continues into the house.
Now mind you, my parents LOATHE Cleo, so when they here that I'm 'going out' with her instead of Ladybug, they get there horror 'My daughters a serial killer face' and run upstairs. (And again they knew this was fake, because it was sooo soap opera worthy)
Now see, most of the time I would be hurt by their close-minded-ness, but lately, I get a sick sense of joy from it, because I know that I can't do anything about their homophobia, and so I like seeing them worry that I'm a little lesban slut.

Sooo, anyways, this was also a wonderful thing, because I recently talked to Cleo about liking the feminine side, and I was worried that our friendship would be hindered by it, but yesterday was amazing, because I saw that she doesn't care, and that just boosted my confidence level through the roof.


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That's funny. Don't mess with them too much though. If you give them a hard time then they'll take even longer to get it.

Although, I can't say I haven't done the fake-relationship-soap-opera-break-up thing before. |D

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I don't do it too often,

I don't do it too often, just when I'm in a good mood.

It's seriously really fun.
It makes life interesting too.

"When you can't walk you crawl, and when you can't do that you find someone to carry you" ~Firefly