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Sorry, but yesterday was quite possibly the shittiest day of my life in awhile. i jsut need to rant.

so, day starts out well...kinda. go to ride my bikes @ the park to kill time, and cant stick any tricks or lines.

so i leave.

then, an hour later, i go to the local dh shop to have them look @ my shocks, and i find out one is tooo old (4 years, really???) to even get parts for anymore, and the other is fuked and i need to send it back....no good considering the first race of the season is in three weeks! fuck.

then, after that, i go to my friends house to switch out the shocks, right? so we do that, putting my shock on his bike for his blown one so he can sell it.

then we ride. first few hits are solid, feelin good. then, i overshoot a jump carrying too much speed, land to flat n get my hand stuck in a ladderr bridge. result- a broken fork/ seals and two broken fingers! fuck me!

so as if that didnt suck balls enough, i return to mi madres pad, and she helps me w/ taxes....turns out my work wasnt doing what they were told to, and i now OWE the IRS a shit-ton! like more than i make in two months!!! wtf???!!! i cant afford that!

on top of that, my mom was bitchin @ me to clear out my room, which i cant do because i have a broken hand now. fuck.

we start getting into it and all since shes moving to another cuntry and she needs the house 'spotless' to rent it. wtf.

i have had the next few weeks in this month planned out months ahed of time, around mtb biking and the team racing, and she telsls me to changer the plans!!! wtf?

so after that shit goies down, we get into a fight, i leave the house in a rage, and things go dh fast from there!

i missed my ferry, missed meeting up w/ the friends id arranged to meet in seattle and now i have to wait 2 hours for the next ferry!

so when i get to seattle, polos almost over, cant roll out there, but do anyway. homie w/ the season pass is long gone, so i cant hit stevens on saturday,

and on top of that, when i get home, theres notes all over my door from helpless housemates sayin fix this, fix that! fuck 'em...im getting drunk.

so i do. 6 or seven beeres later n im out, after talking to BD and JMY alll night. haha.

and then....i slept thru all 4 of my alarms and totally forgot about my docs appt w/ my shrink @ 11, who i desperately needed to talk to.

so on top of shitty weeks @ work, bullshit @ home, depression and all that other shit w/ club fed, i now owe $175 for missing my docs appt too! fuck me!

ok, im done, if you followed all that, or made senser of it all,. congrats!

jsut needed to vent, id go riding, but i broke my fingers, adn my bike....sooo....yeah.


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I'm sorry. I'd give you a

I'm sorry. I'd give you a hug, but I don't want to break anything else. I hope you have something wonderful happen soon.



- Pat Nelson Childs
"bringing strong gay & lesbian characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"