Refridgeratr Funeral

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our fridge is dying. it pumps cold air just fine, but it doesn't hold it. so, 10 minutes after it stops chilling the air, it's warm inside. and stuff doesn't get quite warm enough to go bad,'s not staying cold!! if you put your hand in it, it's the same temp as the rest of the kitchen.

only, my parents refuse to do anything about it. not cause we're tight on money (i mean, yeah, we're feeling it, but we've GOT the money), but just cause...i don't know. they're being pissy.

GOD are they pissy! EVERY. LITTLE. GODDAMN. THING!!! i'm not mature enough, or i'm TOO mature! i'm not responsible, and i don't do my chores. and then, when i DO my chores, i don't get a word. NOT A WORD. not even a thanks. and if I bring up the fact that i do my chores/stuff they asked me to do, then i'm just fishing for compliments.

it's like they're off in their own little world, and i'm just hanging around for their handoffs.

yeah, i know some of it's my fault. i hate eating dinner with them, so i don't. i don't go to the store with them, or 'kid' stuff, so, what? i'm no longer part of the family? it's so screwed up!

i can't wait to get out of here. i don't care where it is i go, i just want to be gone.

i've been thinking so much about getting out of here. what i'll take, how i'll go. there's so many places i want to go to...all i need is a job, and a place to stay. what kind of job, or where i'm sleeping doesn't matter. i just want OUT of here!!!



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It's true, every loving

It's true, every loving family needs a fully functioning refrigerator. I'm so sorry to hear :(