SexistFags. D:<

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I really disagree on the faggots that attend my school.
I'm BISEXUAL & 11 years old. Yes, 11.
I know I'm bisexual cause I like girls & guys; I'm not too young, so shuttup.
Everyone at my school looks down upon me like being gay is some kind of sickness or something. Whatever, I don't give a fuck. :D
I really wish I could just find a perrrfecttoo girl.
But it's hard.


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A bit defensive, no?

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defensive? i would have said bitchy...and where i usually have no problem with queer people saying "faggot" with you it's a whole other thing....ease up will you my little goldfish?
u'r not the first we had on this site that's both young and rather decided about their sexuality....not many here will give you too much shit about it...if and when they do...then you can hit them up. i will say this though...forget about trying to find a perfecto girl...i've been doing it since you were born and a few others here have been doing it since before you were born and it doesn't for the school...all schools and the vast majority of people in the schooling age don't accept queers too much...kindly tell them to go fuck their grandma's and move on...

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My 8th grade Health teacher

My 8th grade Health teacher would disagree with you on the finding a perfect person thing. Although I kinda agree with you, she's also said that people who's parents fight/have gotten divorced look towards that more the way that we do.
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hmm...yea.. I'm with adam on

hmm...yea.. I'm with adam on this one...ease up on the faggot talk, will ya? isn't it bad enough when straighties say it? and well...I was one of the "I'm not too young" ones too. that's tough...but tell the morons at your school to shove it if they give you trouble.

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I'm with Adam too. :/ I don't really mind when it's used by someone in a friendly way, but this stuff bothers me.

You probably make them uncomfortable because you're so sure of yourself, at this age (and up through high school, and beyond that.) a lot of people don't know their own sexuality, which makes them insecure, and a lot of people may be just finding out that they're gay or bi, which makes them insecure, or they're not alright with gay people, or whatever else. It gets easier as you get older, but there'll always be idiots to deal with.

Also, there's no such thing as a "perfect girl", like Adam said. People have to love each other and accept each others flaws.

Anyway, sorry that the kids at your school are mean, my sister has the same problem, although, she's not decided about her sexuality. I think that around that age is probably when kids are at their meanest. I didn't go through public middle school, I was home schooled, but I've heard that it royally sucks, it gets better when you get to high school, and college is even better. Maybe it doesn't help for now but sometimes it's good to know. You'll get through it.

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sorry but i gotta agree with

sorry but i gotta agree with you man because if you take the names they call you and use them on youself they can't affect you. just might want to see someone about all that anger.

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"I've got a remedy I've counted on before. Goin' with the cure that's never failed me. What you call a disease, I call a remedy and what you're callin' a cause I call a cure." -Mighty Mighty Bosstones

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ferrets are undecided about ur fate.
but seriosley, we wil listen and stuff, but if ur running around calling us fags in a durogitive maner, u wont get many friends
wat led u to think were sexist?

ferrets are love, no way around it!

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Mmkay... I have three things

I have three things to say to youuu..
1- It's perfectly fine to know your sexuality at that age. I think very few people here will disagree with you.
2- How the fuck do you figure you can say fuck? You're eleven fucking years old, for fucks sake! =D Just (fucking) kidding!
3- Please don't say faggot, fag, or anything else derrogatory. It makes the mood all.... blahh. And they're not "pretty words." Okay?

Welcome, sweetie! Don't be too much of a hardass, k? *Most* of us are nice here, *most* of the time. =]