Sexual permiscuity...?

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I think it's amusing that I've always said that I was so promiscuous and when it comes to having the opportunities finally being present. I don't think I'm going to take them.

Starting with. Tomorrow after school I'm supposed to hang out with my gf and go to the mall. Fine, that is all normal. Except that we are hanging out with a guy that I have never met (he's the one driving to the mall) and I haven't had sex in a really long time (because my gf is grounded) so she said that we could do that. But the thing is, the guy would be there. And I'm shocked that I'm okay with that. Okay, well no, I'm not. Because I'm kind of an exhibitionist. But still its not like I get to practice stuff like that very often.

But my problem is that the guy wants to get a bj from my gf. And I'm so not into that. I mean so it's not really a threesome. But its still like weird. And I don't think I'm going to like the guy. I kind of yelled at my gf the other day because he does coke. And I don't think that we should really hang out with him. She brought up that my best friend has an alcohol issue, I know that. But you can't just up and leave your best friend. I don't know this guy, it's a lot easier to say that you don't want his shit. And I told her that. But she doesn't really care. That is if he isn't high around us.

I don't know. I kind of feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know that she will stay with me even if she doesn't blow him. But I think she will be more likely to cheat. Because I mean I trust her, but probably too much. She does what she wants to do. She tries to think about what I want. And how I feel. But that doesn't always come across in her actions. And that's probably our major issue.

The other day she ditched school to go to the mall with another guy (not the guy we are hanging out with tomorrow, but a different one). And she didn't tell me. I knew she was ditching school. But I figured it was because she didn't do her homework. I'm still mad at her for that. Not telling me. And ditching to hang out with him. I mean. God. That is so stupid.

So I don't know what I'm supposed to tell her. I know it is ridiculous to say that she might cheat if i don't let her do this. But if I think it is true, then what am I to do?


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question is, do you think she is right for you if she might cheat, just because you didnt let you have sex with another person?

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I don't know...

if she's the right one for you if you need to worry about her cheating. You should be able to fully trust your partner. I understand where your coming from. And you can always just not go to the mall with them and hang out another time. *hugs*

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I hardly see coke being

I hardly see coke being equatable to alcohol...

If I were you, I'd just tell her how you feel. I mean after all, honesty is the best policy.