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Five Finger Death Punch- The Devil's Own
" "- White Knuckles
" "- Can't Heal You
" "- Salvation:D
" "- Ashes
" "- A Place to Die
" "- Death Before Dishonor
Above songs = aka just got their album hehe/put on iPod so I can rock out in Sculpture LAB hehe....
Saliva- Judgment Day/Survival of the Sickest
Rev. Theory- Far From Over
Hed PE- Renegade
Fuel- Won't Back Down
32 Leaves- Blood on My Hands
Disturbed- The Night
Mudvayne- Scarlet Letters
Jerry Cantrell- Anger Rising
The Answer- On and On
The Veer Union- Seasons
Trapt- Black Rose
" "- Ready When You Are*
" "- Forget About The Rain*
" "-Only 1 in Color
" "- The Last Tear
Also aka just got their album too hehe/iPod for same reason as FFDP hehe.
* last few wks. certain/most lyrics 'match'

School's been ok...took 2 tests last week( 1 for Art History and the other for Speech, for AH,I was 4 pts. away from a B:( and Speech was like alil more or something but hey, I got C's and I'm happy hehe. Still need to work on fucking Math though:(. My friend James said the stuff I'm currently having trouble w/(sequences and formulas) is 'cake' and I was 'screw you, jerk' hehe, he gave me his # and told me to call if I get hung up again and it's nice since Jason usually leaves when I'm starting my hwk and shit, so that'll be nice if James can help(+ he might have diff.methods and stuff too)...I remembered I got alil mad at my Mom b/c the time Jason helped me this semester w/math few wks. ago,she said 'oh, this must be like 11th grade math for you,huh,Jason?' and I didn't like it cuz all my classes before that was true but not this time...this time I'm in Math 100 and it's COLLEGE LEVEL math! Kinda made me feel bad since w/those other classes, I was having trouble too...

Although on Thurs., I did get the 2 probs. right, and was showing Mathgirl how I was doing them in 'my own way'. I think she was having trouble following our teacher's 'rules' , tried using mine(even though mine was a 'longer way') ex.- 3,9,27,81,243........what's the 10th #? I saw that each # was being * by 3(3 * 3=9,3*9=27,etc.) and also that 243 was 4th, so I just went from there until I got the 10th #(and got it right btw:D)...the other prob. was the same type but I just dk when to use the formulas, you know? Just hope I can get most of the hwk. for Thurs. stuff right for the quiz on Tues... Sculpture's been ok /productive and hopefully I can do/finish the nose and teeth this weekend/Mon. along w/completing the hollowing out.

Shows have been good,esp. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS(and next week re:Tyra and hope she can go off on Cash, like she did when her Mom was being hit by her bf, she went after him w/a golf club and he got the fuck outta there! I liked NUMB3RS this week for the Amita in danger s/l again......Today:shopping/eating spam musubi:D/doing hwk/chores:(