Spencer Duhm of Survivor Tocantins: Interview

The other thing that surprised me, and I didn't even e-mail CBS until this morning to say I wanted to interview you, because it didn't seem like you had a target on your back. You seemed to be safe, so I didn't even mention 'Put me on the list to talk to him when he's kicked off,' and then all of the sudden you can't catch a ball in a net and you're the guy. Was that all it really came down to?

No, it wasn't at all actually. The challenge was horrible, and I'm embarrassed and frustrated and disappointed in myself and all that fun stuff. But it wasn't about that at all. When I went town to the water when we got back to camp, Taj had already blown up, and… OK, long story short. On day two, I created an alliance with Joe and Sydney.

I also had an alliance with all the guys, so we had an all-guys alliance. It was supposed to be Carolina, Sandy, and then Taj (who were voted out), according to the five of us. That's why I was targeting Taj still, because she was supposed to go next after Sandy.

So when she blew up in the water, I was like she was supposed to go and I'm being targeted now for my performance in the challenge. So, if I can just keep my cool, then I should be OK. They were really frustrated with me, still. But we talked about the guys alliance, keeping it strong, staying together, and taking out the girls.

J.T. brought up getting rid of Sydney sooner, But Joe was really close with Sydney and when we were done talking, he went and told Sydney and said hey, it's probably going to be either you or Spencer tonight, so unless you turn on him, he's going to go home.

And Stephen had been talking to Sydney for a while saying Spencer's really untrustworthy, just trying to get in her head, not because he really thought that, but just to get it implanted in her head so she'd turn on me eventually, because they knew the alliance I had with Sydney and Joe. They were trying to break that up.

J.T. and I handled the business with the challenge, and we got over it, shook hands, had eye contact, and he was like 'it's really frustrating, I'm still upset, but I know you weren't half-assing it out there. You were still giving your effort, so I'm still mad at you. It sucks that we have to go to tribal.' But we got over that quickly. The way they showed it was that I was taking the fall just for the challenge, and that wasn't the case.