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getting my second tattoo today...hence the tattwoo...get it? get it! what a fucking knee slapper!
aaanyways....it's to be in between my shoulder blades, and it's text, fairly simple in the lower case but very beautiful and intricate and decorative in the capital letter. just one word, small word that means EVERYTHING to me..."Eros".
it's reaaallly nice. the guy offered me anasthesia coz it's supposed to be a painful place...but when i told him i got my first tattoo (which is high up on my inner left thigh just shy of my crutch) without anasthesia he said the pain of thise second tattoo will be nothing. plus he said it'll only take 20-25 minutes....which is nothing compared to my first tat, which took about an hour and a half. lol, so i think twenty minutes of moderate pain without anasthesia majorly beats an hour and a half of extreme pain. it does make me wonder why i wasn't even offered anasthesia in my first tattoo...heartless mother fuckers. nobody knows i'm getting it done though, you guys are the first...well other than pat but he's one of you now isn't he. anywho, i feel funny, like really lonely, that i'm doing it without anybody's knowledge, and when i get home afterwards and have to nurse my wound it'll be doing that alone too...which sucks...i hope it settles down before my grandparents come back though, have no energy for them. need to find someone to go out with tonight too or i'm going to go insane, you can't cage me in a house with no sex and no alcohol for too long before i go insane...the time has come.