Teenage Angst: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Teenage Angst" is an interesting movie, but not really a gay one. This seems to be a trend lately. Hopefully one that ends soon.

I mean, sure, cute teenaged boys in uniform at an all-boys school form an exclusive club. One boy is made to stand naked in front of the rest to be able to attend. They skinny dip together. They are often nearly naked with their bodies draped over one another. And, you know, that's delightful and all. There's a sexual tension that is definitely present in the encounters with the boys, and no women around. It could go in an interesting direction.

But none of them are gay, closeted, have a gay uncle. There's no gay story at all. Nothing. So, the question is... is gay subtext enough? Considering I have a stack of DVDs on my desk, I'd have to say no.

In any event, the boys retreat at night from their academy to a nearby cottage, where things escalate at some point, and things happen that fracture the group. And one boy doesn't want to go along with the others, but also doesn't want to rat them out.

I'm not saying it's a bad film, but since this is a gay site, and this is not a gay film, I'll just say proceed at your own risk if the marketing makes you think (as it did me) otherwise.


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Gay subtext

The question is.. is gay subtext enough. Sometimes, I think it is. Most times no. It is enough if it brings a viewer in who may not watch if the text is, let us say, too gay for them. At that point they are viewing a movie which MAY bring them to a better understanding of the gaylestrans community. Sometimes baby steps are needed to bring someone to a situation they don't understand. Unless you're referring to a misrepresentation of the film, just to get you to view it.

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