Thanks, Point Foundation...

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...for telling me three weeks ago that I was a semifinalist for your scholarship, then notifying me today that you're rescinding your offer. Really, telling me in an email the day I was supposed to have a phone interview with you that you realized you didn't have enough money to fund all of the applications you accepted was much better than giving me the news a month ago before I got my hopes up.

Is anyone else on here a victim?

I would probably be much less frustrated if I already knew what was going on with USC, but I've received no word from them yet. Well, or I could be more frustrated if I ended up not getting BOTH scholarships...let's cross our fingers and hope that doesn't happen!

Life will be much less stressful once all of this college stuff is taken care of, no?

But really things aren't too bad right now. Homework has been at an all-time low for the past two weeks, so I've had plenty of time to do fun things like read and exercise. There's this really great book that I'm reading called Homosexuality and Civilization - it traces the place of homosexuality in art, literature, politics, and culture in all of the major Western civilizations, in addition to Imperial China and pre-Meiji Japan. It's absolutely fascinating. I had no idea that the world used to be so tolerant to gays (in Greece, Rome, China, and Japan)...although not so much to lesbians, I'm sad to say. Sorry, girls. :-(

Two and a half more months of school. That is all.


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The world wasn't tolerant to

The world wasn't tolerant to women in general. What makes you think it'd be tolerant to lesbians?

Anyway, the political animal, referred to as the "church", brought prejudice and bias to the European continent, though prejudice and bias did exist in Rome in the cases of race and gender, and during its later existence. Cause in reality, the Roman Catholic Church is machine. It runs on oil and grease and it's dirty. All it cares about is reaching its goals in any way, shape or form, regardless of the loss or consequence. But I'm not dissing religion at all! No no no! I don't mind religion at all! I just mind the political institutions that claim to be religious institutions.