the LWord Finale...

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...will sadly probably NOT be watched by me.

'cause i don't catch Showtime.
gosh i would love to watch the whole 2 hour finale event.
but i will, oh yes i will, be watching the last episode.
THAT...i would not miss 'cause YouTube :p lol.
i can't wait...can you?
i just LOVES the show.
&&i hope Carmen makes an appearance.
i know molly does, but i'm not too fond of molly lol.

i'm excited but not.
it's the last fricken season.
i hate that.
but maybe the spinoff will be good.
but then all you'll probably see is Alice.

as you can see.
i can't sleep.
it's 2:30am here in beautiful, rainy, Hawaii :]
&i got nothing to do but check on my oh-so-many (jk) social networks;
myspace. []

add me.:]
just search my name for facebook&downe.
&&if ya lucky i might be on aim lol.
so go add that too.

imma go find another movie to watch.
or watch, the incredibly true adventures of two girls in love.



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I'm watching it online..

I'm watching it online.. because i have showcase and i'm not waiting 2 weeks... so I plan to watch it monday at lunch+spare and then after school
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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I heard that Carmen was

I heard that Carmen was gonna be in it. Just a rumour.