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Today my mom, my brother, Frances, and I went to the zoo. After 3 hours we dropped off frances and my brother.
After that me and my mom went to a therapist named Debbie. I went in while my mom waited outside. An hour later, and it turns out I have clinical depression and need to go see a doctor within the next week or so to get medicine.
The fact that I am bi didn't even come up. It actually wasn't that bad.


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Depression isn't all that

Depression isn't all that bad if you get the right treatment. I'm bipolar so I swing from happy to sad and back all the time but it's more unipolar twards depression. My meds make a significant improvement.

Take luck.

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funny thing. When you said

funny thing. When you said you were bi my mind automatically went to bipolar. Oh dear. Yeah, I'm on meds too. It is great fun.

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im depressed and i need meds

im depressed and i need meds too, but they really do help alot.

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Yeah. I went to the doctor

Yeah. I went to the doctor yesterday and now I am on prozac.

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