Therapy And Hospitals

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Really hurting right now. I may have to call my therapist soon.
Awaiting the time that I'll be reevaluated in the hospital next WEdnesday. Almost a week. What can I do to pass the time?

I found a natural high today ......

I tried to cut myself the other day, but no blood would come out, so I stopped. It was frustrating more than anything else.


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Seems strange...

That you'd have a week delay to determine that you need to be in a hospital on a regular basis, no?

As for passing the time: books, movies, writing, drawing, watching TV... you know, the stuff most people do to pass the time.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

centerfielder08's picture is odd, but the is odd, but the person at the hospital wanted to match me up to talk with someone and that someone is not available til Wed. But this hurts.

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Please don't cut yourself

Please don't cut yourself :|. Please don't start with that. Dude, seriously. It's such a badddbadddbaddd idea. It's addictive and after a while it doesn't even work, and you have to do it more and more. Hence getting addicted. Such a bad scene. I know I'm not the best person to be handing out this kind of advice considering I cut sometimes. But please, take it from me. Very bad idea.