"This is me, talking now"

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"this is me who loves you still
and you know i always will."

i want her to be home from school already. i want to call her and say the three words that've been burning a hole in my mind for days now. i just want to hear her voice...

today was fun, though. i went to the riding academy for the first time in aobut a month, and it was really good. i carried boxes to the shed, and one of them slipped while i was walking through the shed door, and it slammed my arm against the door frame....so now i have a huge bruise on my arm, just above my elbow. ick.

then i spent an hour, AN HOUR!!!!, grooming ONE horse!! jeezus. lol all of the horses are shedding, cause hey! it's spring!! so i curried her for what seemed like an eternity, then brushed her, and combed her mane and tail. :P

she's a really tempermental horse, and she LOVES attention...so i had to talk to her the entire time i was grooming, to keep her from nipping at me, lol. i couldn't think of anything to talk about! ME!! at a loss for words!! lol

so i wound up telling her (the horse) all about J, nad australia, and my bday party, lol.

by the time i got home, i was covered in dust and horse hair, and was about ready to shed my skin cause i stank so badly. :P

and i really wnat her to be home already, cause i want to finish the conversation that we started earlier. and my phone's being stupid and not txting her, so guh.

the idiot next door is drumming. i'm gonig to go INSANE!!!!!!!



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Can't you like call the

Can't you like call the police in drummer boy... or break his fingers or something.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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ohh. breaking his fingers.

ohh. breaking his fingers. that sounds promising for a month or so :)
do it!
patience patience :P
good things come to those who wait :P
horses do smell grossss, but they're still beautiful. It's weird. O.o