This is Me, This is My Life

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do you guys know "oh my god" by P!nk?

that's how i felt last night.

like. OH MY GOD.

like, on top of the fucking world, and almost everything i've craved for.

cept it wasn't the top, cause there's more to come, and i can't wait.

"pollen dust and pixie sticks/kissing in the deep end of swimming pools"

i like welcoming new people to oasis. is it just me, or are we suddenly having a bunch of newcomers?

and i like being one of the regulars. i think this is the longest i've ever posted on this site in one stretch of time. well, maybe i went for longer when i was first on, but hmmm.

she's so amazing. so incredibly beautiful, and nothing's gonna keep me away from her.

i feel like i'm finally becoming the person that i've always wanted to be. i'm afraid, but that's okay. i can work through it, and do everything anyway.

i feel powerful, and strong, as though i'm finally, FINALLY in control, and can have what i want.

THIS is what i survived for. THIS is what i'm meant for. THIS is me. THIS is my life.

the only thing that could make me happier is when i'm there, with her. but for now? just knowing that she's there. just knowing of hte promise that is enough. it won't be enough for long, cause i can feel the wanting grow inside of me, but i'll be there in just a few months.

"i love you like the stars above"



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:D I'm happy for you two. I

:D I'm happy for you two.
I aspire to feel like that someday. :)
way to keep it rolling.
annnnnd hurray for newcomers. woo. I've officially been a member of Oasis for 16 weeks..I guess I'm a 'mid'comer? :P

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I've started feeling that

I've started feeling that way recently too, like, once I began to accept myself as what I am. It was like all of the pieces just clicked together. It's a great feeling isn't it? :)

Haha, I've been on this site for like, forever too. And yeah, we have had a lot of newcomers lately. I like seeing new people here though, it's fun. :)

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This gives me soooo much hope for MY future...!

Thanks so much for sharing this hon! It gives me SOOOO much hope for MY future because it shows me that I CAN be one day as happy as you are! I'm happy that I am one of the recent newcomers to this site too ;-)