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ugh. i'm so tired. i have SO much that i need to do...but i have got to go back to sleep.

i'm trying to stay up at least long enough to put my clothes in the dryer, cause, haha, i'm gonna NEED them when i go to work at teh riding academy.

only about 10 minutes left....sigh.

goa, i'm falling asleep. i know i need to be getting more each night, but....i hate saying good night.

i love talking to her so much. i love how excited she gets when i tell her about my plans for getting there. i love that she wants me.

next weekend is going to be so much fun....i WISH so much that she could come!! sat night is wolf's bday party/dinner, which'll be fun, if......interesting. then on sunday, i'm taking the train to SF, to meet my aunts, and we're spending a few days in the city, gonig to museums (Exploritorium!!!!!) and just hanging out. :P then i'll come home on tuesday, see my shrink on wednesday, then THURSDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

10 days, baby!!!!! and then the sat after that is my party, which i'm really starting to look forward to, cause a lot of really cool people are coming.

gonna go check on my laundry. talk to y'all later :P



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Happy things are going well for you...

I wish I had a girlfriend...you lucky friggen dyke you ;-)