Too much caffeine

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Ok, so I just found out that this site is unblocked on the Da Vinci computers, so hahaha world! I so happy.

So tomorrow I am going on this trip to Washington DC (to give Obama a piece of my mind, lol, yes I am a socially retarded atheist lesbian republican, don't hate me :) I'll be there a week, and staying with someone from my school, and then two other people from another school. I really hope they don't automatically hate me because I'm the wierdest butch you ever met. GAH! It's probably an irrational fear (like my fear of vomit), but there nonetheless. And it probably doesn't help that I had waaaaaaaaaay too much coffee today (20oz with 2 shots of espressso).

*twitch twitch

Really, I don't know if anyone reads this or cares or anything...

My girlfriend isn't going though, and it bothers me that I'm leaving her for a week, and then another week in mexico. I remember last time we didn't hang out a lot, things were bad (of course we were both PMS ing) and I don't want things to be like that again.

I can always tell what's going on with her too. She tries not to show it, bless her, but I can see it. Like when she is contemplatively melancholy her eyebrows go down like a millimeter, and a teeny muscle bulges between them. When she makes that face I get worried. It's not that I don't want her to think, I just don't want her to worry so much about everything. Perhaps I can help her, but perhaps people can't be fixed if they're not broken...