Totally fucked.

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Lying on my bed, massive hangover, think I'll vom or sleep.
This weekend was crazy. On Fri nite I made out with a family friend. He's 40 years old. He has 3 kids. the youngest being 2 yrs younger than me. Single, so I'm not a cheating slut. I'm going to fuck him.

Last night I got trashed under a friend's house, made out with my Born Again Christian friend, she loved it. Before hand, went to our slut-mole friend's 20th. At a chinese restaurant. With karaoke. I can't sing anymore, so I made it a big joke during my 3 numbers. The crowd warmed up to me with Lady Marmalade, loved me during Total Exclipse of the Heart, got over me during Material Girl. I got over me too. But they were going off their nut for my powerful messages of hope during eclipse. You should have seen me, I was like Bonnie Tyler herself. Crossed with Pat Benatar, Stevie Knicks and Dusty Springfield.
Good weekend. So fuckin' sore though. Need to study plus rehearsals for Spring's Awakening (its "Spring's", yes. Based on the translation we're working from).
I mish Ruby.