Totally retired now

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Well my other half and I are now totally retired as of October 2008 ! We sold our home in Colorado. Bought a used motor home. Fixed it up and now are on the road.
We traveled south From Colorado into Texas. Stayed a week near Dumas Tx and enjoyed the warmer weather. Fixed a few things on the RV that we notice were not working right, then hit the road again.
A week later we were in Louisiana near a town called Monroe. Nice place to visit but not to live...boring place really. So down the road we go.
Next stop was Mobil Alabama. My sister lives near there so we spent some time visiting and catching up on things. We then traveled to Florida. Nice and warm here. Much better then Colorado as the weather report said it was 28 degrees F there...burrrrrr.
We settled in to a campground near Geneva Alabama. Its a GLBT only place right in the middle of RED NECK country. But its also a clothing optional place. Lots of "Bears, cubs, otters" running around here. Not much goes on during the week days but the week ends are always busy here. We liked it so much we have been here since November. During the winter months there are not many campers here. Don't know why more "snowbirds" don't show up as its cheep, electricity is free, as is the water and sewer here. I spend less than $400 per month living here. REAL NICE TO LIVE CHEEP HUH?
The "Season" here gets more expensive but not by much. $500 per month and I pay my own elect now. Still much cheaper than anywhere else I think. The club house has a pool, pool table, video games, cafe, and more. There are lots of people here on the weekends now. This weekend there are about 100 GLBT people wondering around the place of all ages, sizes and shapes. Tent campers, Pop ups, Travel trailers, 5th wheels and motor homes. AND the park is only half full too. Memorial day weekend they expect almost 300 people in and around the campground. Ages range from 18 to 90 ( legal age and up) and most are NAKED too...LOL....I am finally getting a tan all over with NO tan lines this year...yeah!!!!
Yes there is a lot of the sexual things going on too...but I don't participate in that sort of thing, besides that is behind closed doors anyway and not in the open where every one can see it happening anyway. Well except the "tool shed" where any one can enter and watch the goings on...not my thing!
The girls here don't seem to mind the guys "hanging out"as long as the guys don't mind the girls " hanging out" so its one big happy happy. But I still cant get used to the women "naked" as its totally not my thing to look at but I don't knock it !
Well now that's pretty much up to date on my mate and my goings on.
Hope anyone who reads this is well, happy, and has good luck. Also come on down/over/up and join us here in Geneva Alabama good old USA.


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I don't think SF is on the RV circuit, but if you ever swing by, let me know.

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Good for you, Bob! It sounds

Good for you, Bob! It sounds really nice. I'm not much of a hedonist anymore either, having "hedoned" myself half to death earlier in life, but I do still enjoy being around vice and depravity now and again. Chacun à Son Goût is my motto (those of you who don't speak French can Google it).

Keep in touch!



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oldfoxbob retired finally.

Clothing optional...hmm, what part of your body are you pressing the keyboard with? Enjoy your retirement!!