True colors

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True colors is coming up next week. March 12th-14th to be exact. Its at UCONN this year. Anyone else going? anyone else want to go?

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I want to go...

But I doubt that I can.

I mean that's like, two hours away from me. And plus, school. DX

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True colors?

What is true colors?

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I think...

It's an LGBT conference in Connecticut if I'm not mistaken.

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Thanks for the info

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ooh, sounds like fun and

ooh, sounds like fun

and it's an awesome song!!

have fun!!

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It is a conference in CT.

It is a conference in CT. Its one of the largest LGBT conferences in the world. True Colors, the organization, pretty much dominates the LGBT functions here.

bulldyke- That song gets very annoying. It gets played for the entire time before the conference starts over and over again.