Truth or Dare

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD, we had SUCH a great time last night!!! lolz!!!!!!!!!

okay, so, JMY and SML and I were all chatting last night, and we decided to play Truth or Dare...internet style. so, pretty much, for a dare, you had to do stuff online...mostly just on oasis and/or Facebook.

:D :D :D okay, first of all, it was hella fun!!!!!!!!!!

and it also resulted in my previous 2 journals...ultimate fantasy with him (that was a dare from JMY, who just told me what the title had to be, and i got to make up the rest), and my Fellow Oasisan...Ode to My Friends (i don't remember who that was from, but pretty much, i just had to write a journal entry saying how awesome they were. :P i love the rest of you JUST AS MUCH, lol).

anyway, it was totally awesome!!! :D we TOTALLY have to do it again, guys!!!

lol, anyway. :D



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man that sounds fun. Invite

man that sounds fun. Invite me next time.

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haha, dude, at least you

haha, dude, at least you didnt have to write a journal about some supposed threesome!
lol, it was very enjoyable.
we shall play again and
AoiYumi you may come :)

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Haha....That was a lot of

Haha....That was a lot of fun last night. We definitely have to play it again :)

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Hell, I want in on the next

Hell, I want in on the next one.

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