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Yesterday me and my dad watched the first 5 episodes of Charmed. One after the other. lol. And I LOVED them. I've watched a lot of episodes but mostly the ones from seasons 4 and on. Which I watched when we had the craptacular Cosmo channel that had basically nothing good(for me, anyways) except for Charmed and Gilmore Girls(Which I actually became quite fond of). I watched almost every single episode of Sex And The City but only because Cosmo was the only channel we had for a while there.

Yes I know. I watch a very wide range of things. Haha. That's one of my favourite things about myself is that I can give shows, movies, music, and all kinds of things in life a chance before fully rejecting them based on looks or prejudgments. Unlike some people I know :P

Example of TV shows I watch(ed):

South Of Nowhere
Married With.....Children
The Simpsons
The L Word
Veronica Mars
Will And Grace
Law And Order: SVU
Family Guy
King Of Queens
Sex And The City

And because I like my reality shows too:
Big Brother
Dancing With The Stars
Hell's Kitchen
American Idol
The Apprentice
The Celebrity Mole(Except that last season, that was just horrible)
Survivor(The first few seasons)

Plus there's a ton of others that I can't think of right now.