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So, insomnia anyone? I should so be asleep it's 12:46 AM and I have to work in the costume shop at nine but I can't sleep. Costume parade for The Dining Room was today. It was cool emphasized the fact that we have more work to do (alterations and the like) and that I have to make an over grown 11 year old do fast changes (he's technically 21 but gosh...). School is good, classes are extremely simple. Transfering is a pain in the ass, paperwork yuck.

Acting is hard because it's hard for me to let go of control of myself, so working on my monologues is distressing. I keep twisting my ankle in ballet. My ankles are heka weak. Kinda like that girl in the Hercules' movie, gosh I really didn't like that movie, but I remember that part (what ten years later) and the music was good.

Hung out with some friends while they were getting ready for Phi Mu's "date night". It almost made want to join a sorority. All my friends are either in sororities/fraternities, working, of legal drinking age, or drink anyway, so I don't have anything to do on this Friday night/Saturday morning.

I'm pretty sure my tolerance to my anti-depressants is increasing. I just don't want to believe it, so I haven't old my mom, my counselor, or my psychiatrist yet. They just upped my dosage by 50% in December. I took my second dose late today and not only was I starting to get all weepy (ick) but I was on the verge of having a panic attack and I got really twitchy the way I do when I start a medication or go off a medication, the kind of twitchy which usually ends up with me cleaning the whole house, or in today's case the dorm room.

I want to go see watchmen but I hope it's not too violent for me. *sigh* I don't want to spend my money only to walk out halfway through, which I've been known to do (since Hercules' came out, lol) when something gets to violent or to dark. I don't need that stuff messing with my head.