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If anyone is interested, I've decided I need to take a break from Oasis.

My life is stressful right now. I have a vast number of big midterm projects due this week, a good friend recently shut me out of her life (though I mostly blame myself), and I've been fighting through alternating spells of feeling rotten and depressed and being OK. I don't tend to post journals about this stuff very often — maybe I'm just not good at posting the inner workings of my mind on a public internet forum — but that's what's been going on.

I'd love to be able to throw in my opinions and support people who need it, but unfortunately, I don't have enough mental or emotional energy to put in right now. I'm trying to harden my resolve to find time to go to the counseling center at my college, actually.

So I'm going to log off for a while. I'm not sure exactly when I'll be back, but I'm guessing it'll be a couple weeks from now, once I've had time to get through this particular high-stress week and recuperate some.

Also, I'd really appreciate it if everyone is still alive and well when I get back! :-)