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i'm about to do my gender bender project for video postmodern i'm about to die.
so the theme of the project is "Reverse" which we have to literally play part or all of our video projects in reverse. what i'm doing is...first i've grown a beard, now i'm going to dress up in the most colourful suit jacket, shirt, jeans and tie i have, then i'm going to set up a chair against a white wall...then i'm going to put lipstick and eyeshadow on (to contrast the beard) and my generally masculine face. and then i'll write out the lyrics of katey perry's i kissed a girl and i'm going to recite them as a poem, slowly, with a different rythm, get it all out of context and fucked up. then i'm going to play it to edit it so that first i say it foward and then in reverse....and playing on the whole girl girl boy boy boy girl girl boy combinations and gender roles...what does it mean when a homosexual sings "i kissed a girl and i liked it, i hope my boyfriend dont' mind it" teacher fucking loves that kind of shit.

then i have to make a collage for creative sketching...and once i'm done with that collage, i have to draw the fucking stupid...but that's it.

then for photography i have to take pictures of a glass full of turd so i can stick it on the coffee vending machine so i pass the "site specific" assignment.....aaah the things i do for art *rolls eyes*

toodles lovers


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that sounds like so much

that sounds like so much fun! omg lol i hope it turns out well!!!