Virginity, Sex Toys, Lab Partners, Oh MY!

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My best friend informed me that she WAS a virgin. She had been telling me that she wasn't a virgin. Talked to me about it, a lot. I have never met anyone that she has been sexual with. And I have screamed at her for that. She told me this. She told me that she was indeed a virgin. That she told me that she wasn't because she was afraid of what I would think. And we are best friends. Have been for years. She told me a year before I even had sex that she lost her virginity and she lied. Like I don't get it. I do and I don't . But my brain is still like.. what.

I knew I knew more about sex than her. But I'm like fucking encyclopedia sometimes. Sometimes.

She got mad at me when I didn't tell her I had sex with a guy for the first time. And I'm so fucking lucky to have done so. *EYEROLL* The dude I had sex with, told her intimate sexual details about me. Not that she exactly retained it. I mean she probably gagged a little if she actually thought about it. She's like hella straight and in my opinion sexually repressed because she doesn't like the fact that she has a vagina, but likes being a girl. I mean she doesn't like sexual organs. Not that anyone really does, but she is particularly weirded out about them.

I'm bi. And my girlfriend knows and understands this very well as she also is. She previously had a long time boyfriend. I previously had sex with a guy, and a few other casual occurrences. Which in my defense doesn't make me a whore because it was just things like kissing. Okay, now that that is clear. Moving on.

To incorporate the much needed male part of our sex-life. She bought a sex toy. She and I hadn't been able to see each other for a month. And so it was a nice way of working things out. She went out of town so I got to use it. And this is probably too much for most. So you can stop reading if you'd like. But I'm going to continue.

I got off with this thing. I mean it is Six inches of plastic. Not to say that it isn't a good toy, but I hadn't actually ever been penetrated by something that large before. The guy I had sex with was very small. It was a nice change of pace. I also have a crush on this guy in one of my chem class, he's really hott. And even though we both have girlfriends, we are very flirty to each other. And I want to have sex with him. I mean he's kind of a man-hoe. So I know that he knows what he is doing. He goes down on girls. And apparently he's a really good kisser. His ex can vouch for this, I know her, but I'm not one of her friends. He and I are starting to be friends. He and I are chem partners. And we write notes during lecture.

And I wouldn't cheat my gf. She said I could sleep with him. She said that she thinks it would be a nice way for me to get satisfied by an actual penis. I know, my jaw dropped too. I've never given a blow job, and I want to do that too. Something about him really turns me on. Just thinking about him gets me wet. He works at the grocery store by my house, and have seen him outside of school working there.

And being lab partners with him, we stand very close to measure chemicals. His face is always pressed against mine. I just want to grab hi and kiss him. I'm probably just tired and horny.


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WHy would your best friend

WHy would your best friend want to know the details of your sex life? I definitely would rather not know my best friend's sexual details, cause they make me think icky pictures. It's not that I'm female-phobic, I can sometimes get off thinking about females, and it's not like she isn't pretty. In fact, she's pretty cute/sexy. Really nice body and great curves. It's just that she's my best friend, she's practically my sister!

Personally, I don't think I could engage someone sexually other than my lover. Sure, flirting's okay. But like, it would just feel wrong to me. It's just my personal opinion. I could really care less about what other people do sexually. It's their lives, and if it works, who the fuck cares?

And by wet, do you mean like the concept of lust, or like the actual secretion of pre?

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For Nanook

I don't know, I'm not her.

Thanks for the comments on that, I do enjoy listening to people's views. xDDD

And I did mean the secretion of fluids. Thanks for asking.

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Well that was

Well that was intresting...though I can honestly say I can't understand why your friend would lie about somthing like that, espually for that long... and for the guy well, as you know I'm there. But maybe just maybe I am getting over it. Hopefully, btw very intresting, very detailed post. Now about this girlfriend, was that the one I'm thinking of? In which case...
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Probably not. She and I

Probably not. She and I broke up, we had actually been dating for like three months. The relationship was relatively healthy. She met my parents, my grandparents, my cousins. Everyone. And then she cheated on me. I stayed with her for a bit after that, but I didn't trust her so I broke up with her.

You are probably thinking of the girl that I have like severe issues with, the one that I'm currently posting about all the time. No, she and I haven't been good for a while. Unless you read my account from when I was a freshman in high school and even then I'm not sure you'd find much about her.

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