What to do, what to do???

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So this morning i saw Arc at school.
Me: how the hell do you do that?
Arc: do what?
m: you look amazing. all the time
a: awh, thanks
m: yeah, no prob
*we walk to her locker and stand*
a: i am so cold
m: do you need me to warm you up again?
a: ...yeah i do
m: k, c'm'ere
*i proceed to wrap my arms around her, she leans into me, fitting perfectly, resting her head on my shoulder. we stay like that for a minute*
a: i swear one of these days i'm going to freeze to death
m: no you won't, i'll chase after you and warm you up
a: i know you would
*i continue holding her, not caring about anything but the fact that she is in my arms. i don't care about my soreness, my screwed up hormones, my jailbird brother, my sick friend K, the pre-calc test i'm unprepared for, ect. i don't forget any of it, but it all seems ok because i have this beautiful, wonderful, amazing girl in my arms.
there's this moment where we're talking and our faces are so close, inches apart, and i want to close that gap so bad... but can't. another few minutes pass*
a: i think i'm a little warmer now *she pulls away slowly*
m: good. *i keep my hands on her arms, rubbing to keep her warm*

and that was where the moment pretty much ended. but it was incredible while it lasted.

BUT i don't know how she feels. I mean... i'd love for her to want me too, and i think i'm actually almost hoping because maybe these are signs, but how can you decipher which is a sign and which is just personality and friendship? Seriously... i just... can't stop thinking about her. Like all the time. I'm so crazy about this girl... i don't know what to do.