Who Shares My Birthday??

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Hey, so this is really cool to do!! Go on to wikipedia, and type in your birthday (not the year), and read through the info on it to see if anyone you know/admire was born or died on your bday!

so, for mine (being the political junky that i am, lol), the only two people i care about who were born on my bday (march 26) are....

Sandra Day O'Connor, who was the first female US Supreme Court Justice (and who ROCKS!!! check her out on the daily show!!)

Nancy Pelosi, the pop up of the....I MEAN the Speak of the House (lol, if anyone watched the not State of the Union, you get what i'm talking about).

but the people who DIED on my bday are even MORE interesting!

i've known since i was little that i was born on the anniversery of Ludwig van Beethoven's death, but guess who else died on the same day!!

WALT WHITMAN!!! Only one of my favorite poets EVER!!! like, the guy who wrote one of the two poems i carry around in my wallet!!!

how crazy cool is that?!?!

and yes, it IS 5 in the morning. shut up. it's STILL cool, damnit!! lol


EDIT : Adam reminded me of someone who's NOT on the wiki page...KIERA KNIGHTLY (yes, emmett, be jealous). lol but yes, i share a birthday with that sexy should-be-a-dyke. :D aren't i special? lol


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couldn't you be born sometime awesome like on britney spear's birthday or something...boo on you! and stop shamelessly flirting with jmy on facebook...you two are giving me the pussy induced anxiety attacks

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The only person I really

The only person I really know was born on my birthday is Princess Máxima. (She's married to our heir apparent.) Also I know it's Norwegian Constitution Day. Oh, and Peter Høeg was born on May 17, too. That's a Danish author. He wrote, um, Smilla's Sense of Snow.

What I didn't know was that also Enya and Sendhil Ramamurthy (he plays dr Suresh on Heroes) share my birthday. No one tremendously important.

As for deaths: Catherine I of Russia. Nothing else.

Yours is more exciting, BD.

Oh, but mine is the International Day Against Homophobia! =)

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You could just call it a

You could just call it a congressional address, considering that's what it was...

Francis Crick.
Joan Rivers.

Muhammad also died on my birthday too...

It's also World Ocean day XD

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Births: Frank O'Connor Baz

Frank O'Connor
Baz Luhrmann
Steven Dye
and a bunch of politicians and footballers.

Pillsbury (...!)
Karl Popper.

And it's constitution day. Not really interesting.

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