wth does that mean?

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so there's an issue/problem between my gf&her best friend.
idk really.
junior prom is about a week away and because of money issues my gf couldn't go&same issue for the guy she was gonna go with, so it wasn't too bad.
that was about a week ago.
her best friend who is going, decided that she wanted my gf to go and said that she'd pay told her she had to go, but still no matter if she paid for the bid my gf would still need a date and a dress plus everything else, which she didn't want her parents to pay for 'cause they've paid for enough things so far like our new puppy.
my gf's mom won't let her go stag and i just don't have the money right now and work comes in the way of going.
so to conclude...my gf's not going.
&&because of that...
...her best friend is having a pussy fit and treating her like absoluteCRAP.
ignoring her during school,
talking to everyone but her,
hanging out with everyone but her,
and just acting like a totalBIOTCH.

it affects me 'cause i can't stand seeing my gf all heartbroken.
&&that she thinks it's all her fault, which it isn't, but her friend is making like of is.
like for example, today her friend txted her telling her that she is irked that about the whole prom thing and that she doesn't like how she proceeded people.

WTF does "proceeded people" mean?
she's blaming my gf for things that are sooooooo out of her hands.
&&on top of that...
the reason why i'm really irked about this is the fact they her friends mooch off of her.
like borrow money or have her buy them food and never pay her back.
no matter if it's in buying her food or giving her money...they don't have the consideration to be grateful to the hand that feeds them or gives them money 'cause all they do is constantly TAKE and TAKE.

i am fed up with that shit, seriously.

i'm mad lol.
but i'm trying to keep calm for my gf 'cause it's making her depressed and it sucks.
plus...i think i might have to go to the doctors soon.

my health lately has been a ugh.
i think i might have lupus.
i researched it and i pretty much have every symptom plus that fact that my grandma had it.
it's kinda scaring me.
&&i'm trying not to stress myself about it 'cause i got a lot to worry bout lately.

life seriously, sucks.