YAY, I'm off duty! Whoo, Canada!

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I was working for the first part of spring break but now I'm off duty so I can leave and do something car-azy in CANADA! Oh, how I love Canada. Whoot. I'm heading to Windsor today so I can get my party on with some friends. Hitting up the Casino then the bars.

My boyfriend isn't particularly happy that I'm going but he never wants me to drink. I think he's afraid that I'm going to become an alcoholic. I only drink on weekends though and I never get hammered, just fuzzy :P

This is probably an odd thing for me to talk about on a website where 90% of the members have never had alcohol...

In any case, I'm responsible in my drinking and gambling habits. Woo, Caesers!


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have fun...and you've gotta be kidding right? most of the members of this site probably had thier first drink @ 14 or younger. lol.

ejoy your random drinking and losing of a shitload of money! if you win, maybe you can float some of it my way to help me w/ my little tax problem? lol.


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You're either an alcoholic already or you're not.

Now, you might enjoy drinking and do it more often than he'd like, but an actual addictive trait is there or not.

People who drink a lot aren't necessarily alcoholics.
But all alcoholics drink a lot.

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