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So somehow, I'm going to actually find the courage and talk to my therapist tomorrow about my options. Looks like I'll be admitted tomorrow night. Please send me posts wishing me luck....shall I do this (tell her I need the hospital)? I'm scared/nervous..anxious.



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Although I don't understand why you should be nervous to tell your therapist anything, since it makes me wonder what you've been doing up until this point, of course you should tell her. You need to be very open, honest, and upfront about everything you think and feel, because that is part of how they determine your treatment.

If you ever watch House, the patients who almost die are the ones who conceal things or think something isn't required for their diagnosis.

Also, I hate to burst your bubble here, but your big dramatic moment is their day job. You may not reference a mention when she's recounting her day over dinner tomorrow night. I can see if you have angst about telling friends and family stuff, but this isn't going to freak out a therapist.

It's sort of why I'm indifferent on here. I've heard these stories for 13 years, so it's routine. You're gay? Ok, whatever, and what do we need to solve about you being gay? It doesn't rock my world. Dykehalo has been on here forever as a WNBA-loving lesbo for years and mentioned she's attracted to a boy the other day. OK, great, you're in love, go for it.

So, keep in mind that whatever drama you build up over this isn't shared. You are freaking out over things that are not going to shock or concern them. They've heard it all before. They'll listen to you, talk, get the information they need to diagnose you, and then treat you. It's their job.

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I know how difficult it can

I know how difficult it can be to talk to a counselor, especially when you are afraid / nervous to admit something...but remember, that that is what he/she is there for. They are there to help you, and they can't help you if you're not open and honest with them. Sometimes saying that you need help is incredibly scary, but it is absolutely the right decision to make. That way, they can work toward helping you and making you feel better.

Good luck tomorrow. *Hugs.* You'll be fine. Just make sure that you're honest with your counselor about however you feel / whatever you are thinking.

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good luck! i know its hard

good luck!
i know its hard to talk to someone about that. even a therapist. but it will help you tuns.
almost 2 years ago i told my therapist that i needed to be in a hospital because i was a danger to myself.
takeing that step was the best thing i have ever done. although i was tarified and treatment was intence it saved me from myself.
good luck with your treatment and im proud of you for finding it in yourself to know you need it.

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Good luck. *hugs* You're

Good luck. *hugs*
You're doing the right thing. *hug*

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yes. definitely doing the

yes. definitely doing the right thing if you feel it's what you need *hug*
good luck.

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It's more just hearing me

It's more just hearing me say the words and fearing the worst and actually going that I'm afraid. Not that she (the therapist) will judge me.

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Why fear the worst? You're living there now. Once you reach out, things start moving in the other direction...

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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I said it...the words. About

I said it...the words. About needing the hospital and all the scariness...