A good day in general.

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Plans so far are panning out pretty well. I don't think I'm going to get to go out with that girl tomorrow, because I haven't bothered logging onto Myspace or the Myspace IMs to message her about it because it slows down my computer SOOOO badly. Besides, I want to stay home, XDDD. I'm too lazy and I don't think mom will drive me into town again.

And as far as the 'rave' Kandi Boy and I were going to hit up? Decided to nix that idea, considering it finally hit me yesterday that not only did the guy put it on a school night, so I need to get to bed kinda early, but it's on Easter Sunday, and there's no way in hell mom will allow that, not to mention I want to dye easter eggs and find them on our little chunk of land, I hope they hide them well. [=

But today went great. I spent the day with my Kandi Boy. [= We spent two hours trying to fix my PS2 so we could play DDR, which didn't work out, so we went hiking on the vast expanse of land accessible from his place. Very very fun. Has to be the happiest I've been since we lived in Phoenix. It was nice to just get away from everything for a few hours with him and clear my stress-filled head. We wandered for about three hours, but it didn't even seem like an hour.

I think the one thing I'll actually remember a long while from now is when we finally finished our little hiking expedition and we were sitting on hammocks. I'm not sure lead up to it, but after a few minutes, he started pouring out the sweetest, most sentimental stuff I've ever heard, stuff I didn't know he was even capable of saying. You know, I know there are people in this world that care about me, but it always seems a lot nicer to have someone actually tell you they care about you. He is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met, man his boyfriend is so fucking lucky. [=

But you know what? I'm just as lucky to have such a good friend. <3


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Kandi Boy Raver says: "Me and Tyler are so cool we walk into somplace and it freezes over. We are so hot that it is instantly melted. We are so ninja that no one even notices it happened!"

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I love you too. [=



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love ferrets

ferrets are love, no way around it!